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Case Study: Leave It To the Pros

Why Restaurant Cleaning Isn't Just for the Staff

For several years, a well-know local restaurant used our services to clean their facilities after hours.  The staff and owners were very familiar with our team and relied on our hard work to ensure utmost cleanliness, upholding to the highest health standards. We took excellent care of their restaurant and they never had any health code issues.

After some time, new management took over the establishment and our contract of service was terminated. The new management team felt that the inhouse staff could just as easily do the work, and save a few dollars along the way.

Unfortunately for them, within a month of discontinuing our cleaning services, the Department of Health inspected the restaurant. They found numerous violations over several weeks time. The restaurant had to close several times during this time and encountered many costs for pest control and other cleanup services to rectify the situation.

Don’t become a victim to personnel who are not trained for the task or motivated to perform at the highest level of quality. Let the our team of hard working professionals at CleanProof make a huge difference in the life of your restaurant.