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Our Quality Control Difference

Using QR Technology to Improve Our Cleaning Process

At CleanProof, our clients’ 100% satisfaction guarantee is part of our fundamental beliefs.   QRS Management System is key in our cleaning management solutions foundation.

CleanProof found the best quantitative reporting system platform to help you, the customer, have an easily maneuverable tool to ensure efficiency and accuracy assurance of our services. As a cleaning management solutions company, quality measures of accuracy and efficiency of all our services are of essence.

Actively using the QRS Management System platform promises precision of all of our duties for utmost customer satisfaction. Utilizing the QRS Management System reporting system platform, we use QR Code technology to create a checklist of required services. Together with our clients, we agree upon a series of duties that are to be carried out during each visit. Within the reporting system, team members check off each task at hand and do not leave the location until every detail of the assignment has been completed.

By creating this checklist of services required, QR Code technology is implemented for instant notification to CleanProof and our respective client, to ensure completion and accuracy of tasks.  As a benefit to the customer, there is capability of inputting notes and special requests on the private QRS system portal which is reviewed and managed by CleanProof.

In case of an emergency, any additional requests are accommodated during scheduled service appointments or if necessary, the crew that is in closest proximity via the QRS Management System GPS tracking system can be sent to the location in a timely manner. Additional visits to your home or office can be scheduled, as requested.

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