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About CleanProof

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition

CleanProof’s Core Values

The 100% satisfaction of our clients is a core part of our fundamental beliefs at CleanProof.   Utilizing tools like QRS Management System is key in our cleaning management solutions foundation.  CleanProof found the best quantitative reporting system platform to help you, the customer, have an easily maneuverable tool to ensure efficiency and accuracy assurance of our services. Click here to learn more about our quality control difference.

As a cleaning management solutions company, quality measures of accuracy and efficiency of all our services are of essence.  Actively using the QRS Management System promises precision of all of our duties for utmost customer satisfaction.



In 1999, after many years of being in the home service industry, Betty Frizza decided to take her experience and delve into entrepreneurialism. CleanProof was created with a team of three individuals and several few residential property clients.  Over time, her son, Guillermo, and his wife, Natalia, joined the family business.  Today, the company has grown to nearly 20 employees and spans into residential, commercial, and new constructions

The CleanProof Team

Betty Frizza Staff Management and Quality Control After having worked in the cleaning business for many years, Betsy learned firsthand the importance of building customer relationships in favor of both parties involved.  She felt the level of service in other companies was not high enough to keep consumers content.  She also knew employee growth was also not a prominent aspect within the industry, which brings employee dissatisfaction and crutches employee retention.  As the director of staff management, she ensures employees are content and find many ways to excel in their careers, within the industry, and their personal lives.

Natalia Frizza Director of Operations Natalia ensures the day to day operations of CleanPress are efficiently followed through. In addition, with her background in chemical engineering, she focuses on product testing and assurance, making sure all products that the company uses are eco-friendly and safe for our employees, customers, and even for our furry friends.

Guillermo Frizza Sales and Customer Support Guillermo’s professional career commenced in the restaurant business, which he learned inside and out.  In the mid 2000’s, his wife and mother, taught him how to thoroughly clean, which sparked great interest in its importance to him.   Once he joined the family business in 2006, he took great initiative in implementing proper cleaning abilities and materials.   With his experience in the restaurant and new construction business, he utilizes his expertise to best serve our clients with precision and detail.