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Our Quality Control Difference

At CleanProof, we believe in transparency.  Our complimentary QRS Management System for reporting offers an interactive tool for you to have the peace of mind to know the services you have requested are being completed in a timely, efficient, and thorough manner.  On the reporting system platform, information is used to make sure each step of the process is taking place and is done correctly.

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When You Know It Gets Done

At CleanProof, we believe your peace of mind and satisfaction is our priority.  Catering to your diverse cleaning needs with professionalism, meticulousness, and expertise, we ensure that we will exceed your expectations.  Professionalism and high quality of communication are paramount at CleanProof. You can manage and supervise all of our duties with the complimentary and easy to manage QRS Management System to ensure each task is laboriously executed and all additional communication is efficiently handled. As a cleaning management solutions company, we offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Experts at Commercial Cleaning

Fitness Centers

Have our professionals clean your fitness center, worry free! Our teams are specifically trained to manage the cleanliness of your center and equipment!


With decades of experience in all facets of the restaurant business, let us clean your facility in the most thorough and professional manner!


Have our business clean your commercial office space in a skillful manner! Our crews will ensure detailed meticulous and professional service.

Case study

Leave Cleaning to the Pros

restaurant-cleaning-naplesCleanProof was the cleaning professional of choice for a well-known Naples restaurant for several years. Our professionals cleaned their facilities after hours and the staff and owners were very familiar with our team and relied on our hard work to ensure utmost cleanliness in their restaurant.

Eventually, a new management took over and decided to do the work inhouse. Unfortunately for them, within a month of discontinuing our cleaning services, the Department of Health was knocking on their door with bad news…

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